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What do Jewellery Hallmarks mean?

What do Jewellery Hallmarks mean?

Do you have some precious jewellery that has been stamped with some numbers or symbols? These are referred to as hallmarks and this guide will explain what some of the common hallmarks can tell you about your jewellery. The different carats of gold such as 9ct, 10ct,18ct etc all have different hallmarks. If your jewellery doesn't have a hallmark it can still be a precious metal like gold. 

Why do Jewellers add a hallmark?

When jewellers create pieces made from precious metals such as gold and silver, they use hallmarks to permanently mark the jewellery so that the purity of gold or silver can be easily identified just by looking at the piece. This allows everyone to be able to quickly identify the purity. Some makers will also add their own hallmarks to their work so the manufacturer can also be identified, however it is more common for a piece of jewellery to just carry the purity hallmark.

What does it mean if my jewellery doesn't carry a hallmark?

If your jewellery doesn't have a hallmark, don't worry, it could still be gold or silver. Sometimes a hallmark can't be added due to the size of the piece or it simply wasn't common practice for the maker. It can still be tested to find out the purity. Acid testing is the most common form and doesn't harm your jewellery. An XRF machine is another way to check the gold content but due to the cost of this equipment it isn't common for all jewellers to have one. Here at Monty's we can perform an acid test which can identify the purity of the gold.

What does my hallmark mean?

Here's a breakdown of common hallmarks you will find on jewellery.

Gold Purity Common Hallmarks
9 Carat 9, 9CT, 9K or 375
10 Carat 10, 10CT, 10K or 417
14 Carat
14, 14CT, 14K or 585
15 Carat 15, 15CT, 15K or 625
18 Carat 18, 18CT, 18K or 750
21 Carat 21, 21CT, 21K or 875
22 Carat 22, 22CT, 22K or 916
23 Carat 23, 23CT, 23K, 958, or 96
24 Carat 24, 24CT, 24K, 999 or 9999
Platinum PLAT
Sterling Silver 925

If you'd like to get an idea of the value of your gold jewellery visit Monty's in Fortitude Valley, or give us a call or email today.

14th Jun 2020

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