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Diamond Education Part 1: Shape

Diamond Education Part 1: Shape

At Monty's we have a large range of the finest traditional round brilliant cut diamonds and fancy shaped diamonds, including princess, emerald, asscher, marquise, oval, radiant, pear, heart and cushion cuts.

Choosing the perfect diamond is an important lifetime decision. We have compiled the following series of guides so you can learn more before investing in such an intimate purchase. This edition covers the common shapes and cuts you will find.

Common Diamond Shapes


The round brilliant cut diamond is by far the most popular of all the diamond cuts. More than 75% of diamonds sold around the world are round brilliant cut. When a diamond is cut to exacting proportions, often called ’Excellent’ or ’Ideal’ on diamond certificates, they can show what has become known as Hearts and Arrows. This is generally only seen through a simple viewer which shows light leakage from the stone. Cut to these proportions and viewed from the top, the slight light leakage is seen in the form of arrows radiating from the centre of the stone. If the diamond is viewed from below it shows shadows that look like hearts. If the stone shows hearts and arrows you can be assured that it has been cut to proportions which give the brightest and most scintillating stone possible.

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Princess cut diamonds are our second most popular stone after round brilliant cut diamonds. The princess cut diamond has pointed corners at 90 degrees and is traditionally square in shape however it does also come in more rectangular shapes. Shape is a very personal decision. Although the princess cut is traditionally very square, a slightly out of square stone may have more appeal or may suit a piece of jewellery better.

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Emerald cut diamonds are rectangular diamonds with cut edges. They have rectangular facets, three concentric rows of facets arranged around the table and three concentric rows on the pavilion arranged around the culet. This unique cut creates a beautiful optical appearance and is often called a step cut because of its broad, flat planes that resemble a staircase.

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Asscher cut diamonds are very similar to emerald cut diamonds however the main difference is that they are square. The cut was created by the Asscher brothers in Amsterdam Holland in the early 1900s. It is easier to see inclusions in asscher cut diamonds and we recommend picking a stone of higher clarity.


Marquise cut diamonds maximise the carat weight of the stone and appear bigger than their carat weight. The length of the marquise diamonds makes fingers look long and slender. A 2:1 ratio gives the stone its best looking proportion and has the best shape appeal.

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Oval diamonds are a classic shape and are essentially an elongated round cut. When choosing the right oval cut diamond for you, make sure you check what the measurements are to determine the length to width ratio. A 3:2 ratio gives the stone its best looking proportion and has the best shape appeal.

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Radiant cut diamonds are square brilliant cut diamonds with cut edges. The radiant cut can also come in more rectangular shapes so be sure to examine the measurements to choose the right stone for you.

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Pear shaped diamonds are stunning brilliant cut diamonds often referred to as teardrops. They are most popular for their versatility and the variety of jewellery they can be used for.

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As the name suggests, heart shaped diamonds come in the shape of a heart and are a great way to show your loved one just how special they are.

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Cushion cut diamonds have been favored for more than a century. These timeless diamonds come in a variety of square to rectangular shapes and have rounded edges.

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11th Jun 2021

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