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Top Ten Gold Chain & Bracelet Link Styles in 2021

Top Ten Gold Chain & Bracelet Link Styles in 2021

Necklaces and bracelets come in a wide selection of different link designs with something to suit every style and taste. Some link designs are simple and elegant while others are a little more intricate or attention grabbing.

Here you will find our guide to the Top Ten Gold Chain & Bracelet Links. So if you ever wondered; How many gold chain types are there? Or what are the most popular chain designs? Then this blog post has you covered.

When it comes to gold necklaces, layering multiple different gold chains has never been more in fashion. Take a look at these popular link designs to find your ideal chain, or mix and match to create a unique look.

Gold Curb Link Chain Necklace

1. Curb

The Curb link is probably the most popular gold chain design. It has a oval design that has been flattened and twists where each link meets. There is a number of variations on the classic curb link, with some more rounded or squared off on the edges.

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2. Cuban

The Cuban is a variation of the curb link that is really in fashion so deserves its own special mention. Cuban chain links are packed closely together without much of a gap to create a more woven look. Because of the density a Cuban link necklace usually weighs significantly more than a traditional curb link, making them more expensive.

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Box Link Gold Chain Necklace

3. Box

This chain type is crafted by joining small squares in an alternating pattern to create a box look. Box link chains tend to be made on the finer side and are great for hanging pendants as they have such a simplistic style.

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Belcher Link Gold Necklace is a Vintage Style

4. Belcher

Belcher links have a timeless, classic style and are popular as both necklaces and bracelets. The belcher link first became popular in 18th century Britain so it carries that vintage appeal. Belcher links are uniform circles with flat edges that interlock. Legend has it they were named after bare knuckler boxer Jem Belcher.

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Anchor Marine Link Gold Chain Necklace

5. Anchor / Marine

Anchor or Marine link, as they are sometimes called, is a very strong chain design perfect for heavy pendants. It consists of oval shaped links with a vertical bar in the centre of each link. They share the same design commonly used to attach boat anchors.

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Gold Rope Link Chain Top Ten Designs

6. Rope

Rope link chains are made from multiple strands that are interwoven together. As light reflects off the different strands rope chains tend to sparkle a little more than some other designs, giving them an extra luxurious finish.

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Snake Link Gold Necklace Chain

7. Snake

A snake chain has a tubular shape and is made from curved plates. They have no gaps between the links making them reminiscent of snake skin. Snake link chains are often worn as chokers and have a very elegant look.

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Figaro Gold Link chain Design

8. Figaro

The Figaro is one of the most popular and enduring unisex chain and bracelet designs. The Figaro is recognised by its repeating pattern of 2 or 3 short links followed by one longer link.

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Byzantine Gold Necklace Chain Link

9. Byzantine

The Byzantine link is a complex and intricate design that is very eye catching. The interlocking links run both vertically and horizontally with many links packed closely together creating a kind of woven look.

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Gold Cable Link Chain Design

10. Cable

The cable link is a classic style with either rounded, oval shaped or rectangular links and is a popular choice for finer, more delicate gold chains or bracelets due to its simplistic design.

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2nd Sep 2021

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