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Vintage Engagement Rings Gold Gemstones and Modern

Engagement Ring Collection

Engagement Ring Collection

The ultimate in sustainability, our extensive collection of vintage and antique engagement rings are perfect for the eco conscious. Choose from classic radiant diamonds or add a touch of colour with a vibrant elegant gemstone. Ring resizing is available on most rings.

Amongst the vintage and antique pieces you will find some new creations, these have all been made by recycling old gold and stones to make something new, ready for another lifetime of love.

With a rich history dating back to 1856, Monty’s is one of the most iconic estate jewellery and pre-loved artifacts dealers in Australia. We have an extensive collection of vintage gold jewellery, antiques, watches & collectables alongside work by some of the world’s most renowned artists. Dig through our treasure trove and see what you can find or visit us in the old English, Scottish & Australian bank building with which we have resided for over 60 years.


Whether you are looking for a diamond engagement ring, breathtaking antique cocktail ring, gold jewellery, luxury watch or a painting our expert team have collected over 2,500 pieces for you to look through. Thank you for stopping by.